On the third Sunday of September: 1200 people in medieval costume, 21 horses in the race, the city full of flag, the propitiatory dinners on the eve: These are the ingredients that make the Palio the most awaited appointment of in September in Asti. It is not only the tradition that moves the city, but the real enthusiasm of the villagers that feeds a party a year long.
Among the parallel events, do not miss the "Palio of Flag Wavers”, lighting of sounds and colours Piazza San Secondo, Thursday before the Palio: a parade dedicated to the noble art of flag staged by the flag-wavers.
Friday, this year in Piazza Statuto, the market of the Palio begins: each Committee offers curious and original souvenirs strictly made with the colors of each village, ward and common participant in the Palio.
To fully understand the climate of the Palio do not miss the dinners "Propiziatrici" in the streets and squares: between songs, dances, gastronomy and entertainment to exorcise the night before waiting for the victory of the day aftter.


at 10 – in the different Parishes in the city: ceremony of blessing of the horse and the jockey.
at 11 – Piazza San Secondo: performance of the A.S.T.A flag-wavers.
at 12 – Piazza San Secondo – Town Hall: official registration of jockeys and horses.
at 14 – Piazza Cattedrale: start of the Historical Parade with the participation of twelve hundred figures in medieval costume. The first is the previous year's winner, followed by the other villages classified. The next order is determined by fate.
The procession is opened by Group of the Captain of the Palio and represents scenes of medieval life.
Path of the Historical Parade:
Piazza Cattedrale, Via Caracciolo, Piazza Cairoli, Corso Alfieri, Via Gobetti, Piazza San Secondo, Via Garibaldi, Via Gardini, Piazza Alfieri.
at 16 – Piazza Alfieri: the race with horse mounted "sleeping bag" (bareback); three batteries with seven horses, the Final with nine.
at 17 – Performance of the flag wavers.
at 18 – the Final and Victory of the Palio.

And the days before ...

– From 9 to 24 : Piazza Statuto – Mercatino del Palio, with crafts dedicated to the Palio
-From 16 - Piazza Alfieri: Dress rehearsal horse mounted Eve sleeping bag. Free admission
-From 20.30 in each ward propitiatory dinners

– From 14.45: Piazza Roma, C.so Alfieri, Via Gobetti, Piazza San Secondo, Piazza Alfieri: Children's parade


-From 9 to 24 : Piazza Statuto – Mercatino del Palio, with crafts dedicated to the Palio
-From 13.30 to 19.30 : Piazza Alfieri – evidence of the race


At 21 - Piazza San Secondo: Palio of Flag Wavers. Team competition

OFFICE OF THE PALIO - RESERVATION AND SALE: A.T.L. Astiturismo – Piazza Alfieri 34, phone +39.0141.320.978, biglietteria@astiturismo.it. Free PARTERRE

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